A BIG question people have when considering a church is, “What’s it like?”.

At the heart of it, we're a family on a journey of becoming more like Jesus.

When we come together our goal is to be...


Church is family and you belong, so we seek to create an atmosphere of genuine hospitality. Church isn't an exclusive club for just a few, it's a place of hope and love for everyone. When you come on Sunday, we want you to feel right at home.


Gathering together should be fun and relaxed. You don't have to dress up or dress a certain way. We're simply a spiritual family getting together, so come as you are. 


Jesus wants us to be real - with Him and with each other. When we come together, there's no point in pretending to be someone we're not. We're all a "work in process", becoming who God created us to be. 


We believe Christian's can be the most creative people on the planet since we are connected to the Ultimate Creator. We want to cultivate creativity in our worship gatherings which reflects and glorifies God. 

Check out the Anchor Arts Collective for more on how we are seeking to cultivate creativity for the good of others.


God accepts us as we are, but He loves us too much to let us stay there. We're all on a transformational journey, and God uses our times together to nudge and spur us forward in growth. We welcome you as you are and hope you leave a little bit more like Jesus. 

That's who we aim to be, but the best way to know what we're like is it simply join us on a Sunday morning and get to know us for yourself!


Will there be anything for my kids?

Yes! Jesus loved kids and so do we. There will be a safe, exciting, & age-appropriate "kids church" for children from birth to 5th grade. Learn more about "Anchor Kids" here.

Do I have to dress a certain way?

Nope! Come as you are. 

What if I'm not sure about Christianity?

That's fine!

We are a community of hope for all people - wherever you are on your journey. Come hang out with us and explore the faith.

What should I expect on Sundays?

We believe church is a family, so when we get together it should look like that too. We're relaxed and honest. We like to sing, laugh, pray, learn, and encourage each other.

Oh, and there will be plenty of free coffee.

How long is the service?

Sunday gatherings last for about an hour.

Although, you might discover you want to just hang out a bit afterward.