We want to help you grow in your life with God.

Here are some first steps to take.

1. BECOME A Disciple of Jesus

If you have recently taken a step of faith and decided to follow Jesus, let us know! We have a free resource we'd like to give you that will help you get started.

If you still have questions about following Jesus, we'd love grab a cup of coffee with you and chat. Just email us!

2. Get Baptized

Being baptized in water is one of the first ways we tell the world that we have decided to follow Jesus. Email us to sign up for our next water baptism service.

In addition to water baptism, the Bible also talks about Spirit Baptism. We'd love to talk with you about this experience personally, so please email us!


We don't have to figure the Christian life out all on our own. A great step to take as you begin to grow is to join a group and volunteer to serve on a team. Groups get us connected with others following Jesus. Serving helps us to grow by being part of a team and putting others first as we discover and use our gifts.

4. Establish a good foundation

We have several great resources to help you learn the basics of what being a Christian means and what Christianity teaches. And, they're free! Just visit our resource table on Sunday's to check them out.